The Hearts and Minds Mastermind Program


Want to take your business to the next level but struggle with feeling scattered and setting aside the time to do it? The Hearts & Minds Mastermind is an 8-week program that will provide the accountability, structure, and strategy you need.

If you’re ready to get focused and grow within a small group of business-minded, heart-driven business owners, let’s talk!


What's Included For Your Investment

Want to take your business to the next level but struggle with feeling scattered and setting aside the time to do it? The Hearts & Minds Mastermind is an 8-week program that will provide the accountability, structure, and strategy you need.

  • Membership to Private Mastermind

    Ask questions and get support 24/7 from the members who will start off as the “other people” in your small group—and who’ll become “your people,” your biggest encouragers, supporters and sounding board, by the end.

  • The Hearts and Minds Workbook

    The Hearts and Minds workbook that includes the worksheets, homework, and planning tools you’ll need throughout the intensive.

  • Lots Of Surprises

    And a few other special surprises I have up my sleeve!

  • 8 Weeks Coaching

    8 weeks of business coaching in a group setting.

  • 2 Group Sessions Per Month

    Hosted via video calls on Zoom. Get ready to get the support you need, wherever you are!

  • 1 Private Coaching Session Per Month

    Check in with your personal progress, answer your specific questions, and help with any places you might feel stuck. Hosted via video call on Zoom.

The Heart and Minds Mastermind is for you if-

Dog with snow goggles on

You’re feeling scattered and without direction and you’re tired of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back because you know in your heart you can do better and owe it to yourself and the people you want to serve to actually do it…



This is NOT The Right Time If...

Masterminds—and the results they deliver—are amazing, but they do require each person’s commitment for everyone to get the most out of the experience. From bouncing ideas off of one another to learning from the successes and mistakes of others, everyone needs to be present and ready to devote the time and energy for three months.


This is Not A Place to Come and Hide

Don't feel that you will get left behind if you don't know the answers. You are encouraged to speak out and learn credible strategies backed by proven results.

You're just getting started in your business

For you to get the most out of the Hearts & Minds Mastermind, members will need to have the foundational understanding of what works and what doesn’t in their business.

You learn best completely

Whether you thrive off of a personalized approach or have a more complex situation that needs additional individualized support, you may enjoy my 1:1 offering more.

You don't have the time

YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO DEDICATE TO LEARNING AND WORKING IN A GROUP SETTING. If it’s not the right time for you right now, try my 1:1 offerings or self paced courses.

You Blame Others

It's not a place for spouting off about "life" and blaming others for your own misfortunes. You will take responsibility for your own actions and behaviours with a positive mindset.

A Place Just to Get Answers

You’ll be part of an online community that is ready to support you. Surrounding yourself with people who have been down this road already or who are walking right along with you.

The goal is to help improve upon an existing business for a new type of growth. However, every student and business is unique. If you don’t have an established business and are still interested in participating, please reach out to me. I love and support businesses of all sizes and want to help you find the solution that best fits your needs.


What To Expect. As Your Coach I'll Be Your...

Greatest fan, your cheerleader, business mentor and accountability partner. I am here to help you create your own path to living a happier, more fulfilling existence.

  • Business Mentor

    I’m here for you. You’ll have total access to my knowledge, experience and insight into the strategies and tools you’ll need to get your business not only running smoothly, but with less stress along the way. I’m only an email or call away from helping you get unstuck!

  • Biggest Cheerleader

    If there’s one thing you should know about working with me it’s this: I will be your biggest fan. What fulfills me the most? Seeing my mastermind students succeed and build the business they’ve always wanted.

  • Accountability Ally

    I’ll come alongside you to help you do the work and dig in deep where it counts. Not only will I encourage you as you discover how your values and your why shape your business, but also as you set up the nuts and bolts systems that will allow you to thrive in business and in life.

The Complete Solution For Your Marketing Website

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have your next social media post hanging over your head because you’ve got a content system that works for you and fits into your busy schedule? 

I’ll make sure you walk away from our 3 months together feeling organized, refreshed, and with a stronger vision for your business as you continue to grow.

The Hearts and Minds Mastermind is only open for a limited time and just a few times a year.

Click the button below to reach out and I'll follow up shortly with the link to apply or click the red button to apply now.


Our next group begins in 2 weeks, apply today for full details.

Investment: $2,497 (payment plans available)


As Morpheus says in The Matrix, “I can only show you the door. You’re the one who has to walk through it.”

My advice? Stop waiting for the right time.

Come join our amazing community of business owners.


Your Investment Today:





  • Spread the Cost
  • Payment Plans Available
  • No Discount
  • Single Payment – 20% Discount
  • Use Coupon – Heart500off
  • Paid in Full

Have Some Questions?

A 1:1 session is perfect for you if you’re looking for a custom plan for your specific business needs and goals or want to work on transforming your heart and gaining confidence in your business vision. I’ll help you start feeling empowered in your business and stop feeling overwhelmed. But if you’re more of a “Curious” kinda guy and you don’t need a custom plan specific to your business but want to learn what other business owners are doing then the Hearts and Minds Mastermind and tools may be a better fit. Still not sure? Book a free discovery call with me to get a sense of what it’s like to work with me 1:1. And we’ll discuss your needs to help you pick the ideal service or create a customized package just for you.

My approach to being your business mentor is guiding your heart and sharing my know-how. Not only do I bring years of business and marketing expertise to the table, but I also will be your biggest cheerleader. No matter where you are on your journey, I’m here to help you. Here are my five core values that guide everything I do: 1. Compassion – 2. I am giving – 3. Sharing – 4. A deep sense of Self – 5. Growth – I’d love to chat with you if you’re here for it!
By signing up for a 1:1 Session or the Hearts and Minds Mastermind Program you’re investing in something you’ll never regret: yourself. It is 100% worth it if you believe (or want to believe) in your most prominent dream and turn them into a reality. Just as I’ve helped other business owners grow their businesses, I’m confident in the value I can bring to yours.


Every Effort Has Been Made To Accurately Represent Our Product And Its Potential. Any Claims Made Of Actual Earnings Or Examples Of Actual Results Can Be Verified Upon Request. The Testimonials And Examples Used Are Exceptional Results, & Don’t Apply To The Average Purchaser & Are Not Intended To Represent Or Guarantee That Anyone Will Achieve The Same Or Similar Results. Each Individual’s Success Depends On His Or Her Background, Dedication, Desire, And Motivation. As With Any Business Endeavor, There Is An Inherent Risk Of Loss Of Capital And There Is No Guarantee That You Will Earn Any Money.


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